Another day, another alteration

Bought from winchester vintage market. Originally down below the knee with a detachable yellow collar. The lady who sold it to me told me that she got this particular dress from a woman in her 90s who used to get clothes handmade a lot, and this particular dress is a handmade Indonesian print dress from the original owners travels. Also came with a matching shawl and belt.

Alteration time

Absolutely more in love with my vintage pinafore dress now it’s altered! Didn’t take long at all. The first thing I did was to ensure I had the dress as the right length by putting it on inside out and folding it then securing with pins. The next step was to make sure it was even all the way around the hem.
I then took it over to the machine and placed 2 rows of stitches parallel to make sure it was secure. After trying it on I decided I needed to take in the side seams on the bust as it was a bit too gapey under the arms, here are the before and after pictures! Will blog about my next project when I finally start it :)


Vintage haul

Went on a little vintage hunt yesterday in Winchester and went into Fab Vinatge, a gorgeous vintage store tucked away in the town centre and found a few lovely pieces. Absolutely fell in love with a pale blue and white striped Sambo dress, fitted pretty well and I would have bought it if it wasn’t for the price tag…£65. Bit of a stretch for me but I ended up with a lovely blue denim pinafore dress. It does need some altering though but now mother dearest brought up the sewing machine from home to my new house in Winchester, I can do lots of altering and finally start making my dress too! Bought the pattern for it from a charity shop in Exeter and have been waiting to get a start on it for a while so I am really excited. Will document my progress with both my vintage dress and the hand-made dress on here! PS: Vogue reviews to follow tomorrow evening (Y)

photo (13)


So I have been receiving Vogue every month for a while now, courtesy of a subscription crimbo present but what I fail to do most of the time is to actually read the articles, just stare/drool over the pretty pictures of all the things I will never be able to afford but so desperately want. Anyway, thinking about this, from now on I have decided to, when I get my copy through the post is to read it from cover to cover, and to PROPERLY read it and then review a couple of the articles I have read. Vogue is ultimately the dream job for me, it’s where I want to end up and clearly from writing this blog I enjoy writing about fashion and wearing it (obviously).

Anyway, thought I would update you all, whoever’s reading on my trail of thoughts for this blog because I feel I want to get some staple template posts going, ones that I do every week or so that are of interest to me and hopefully of interest to all of you too :)

Rings galore

Went a bit midi-ring mad today. I had 2 already but decided more were needed, so I bought 8 more (and a normal one), New Look is a great place to get some decent rings for a decent price. Obviously wouldn’t wear them all at once like in the picture but I just wanted to get them all in! The ring with the green stone is from India where I went travelling last year, left nearly a year ago today!

image (19)

Tailors chalk, pins and scissors

My lovely friend Debby managed to get a hole in this amazing skirt she got from Urban Outfitters so me, being the top friend I am, offered to fix it for her (Y)… and now I want to keep it, might not give it back. Well, I will (reluctantly) :( Paired it with my beaut £1 charity shop find – green embroidered shirt with pearl buttons.Image