So this year, instead of just being an intern I was offered the role of production assistant! 1st day went really well, had such a busy day and managed to rack up over 12 hours on the clock. I liked having the responsibilities that came with this new role as it actually felt like I was valued. For example, one of the team with designer Ashley Isham personally thanked me for all my help which was really touching and made me feel like I’d done a good job. Managed to get a few snaps to share with you all. IMG_0489.JPG




Molly’s Den

Probably my favourite shop/warehouse/treasure trove of amazing vintage, retro items and gorgeous antiques. I suggest you all go and visit, they’re located in Winchester, Bournemouth and London!


If that green vanity case is still there the next time I visit, it will be very very hard to resist! I did however purchase a couple of vintage bits, a gorgeous ivory pleated midi skirt and a beaut patterned scarf. I’m wearing the skirt with a vintage Burberry floral shirt I picked up in Oxfam.



Laura Ashley

I have been working at Laura Ashley in winchester since March and we get a certain amount of allowance for uniform each quarter. Thought I would share my favourite piece with you all. It has a lovely paisley pattern with 2 little pockets and is really comfortable which is always a bonus. (Excuse my laptop in the photo!)


London Fashion Week 2014

As some of you may have seen I documented my time interning at fashion week in February on here and it’s going to happen allllll again, but this time I won’t just be an intern, after a few emails I managed to get myself a role as backstage production assistant! I am quite nervous but also very very excited. Going to London on Tuesday to talk to people at Fashion Scout (the show for emerging designers) to discuss my role! Expect a LOT of photos of some beautiful clothes and accessories.


Vogue Review – August

First Vogue review of an article called ‘Me & my shadow’

We all like to think we have our own style, when in reality it’s just a version of someone or something else. Wherever you get your inspiration from, that in itself has originated from something you’ve seen that’s caught your eye and encouraged you to embrace it and make it your own unique style.
Uniqueness is important, whether it relates to how you look or what you do. Personally, I don’t mind wearing high street clothes, if they serve a purpose and aren’t too expensive it’s fine.
But when I can, I prefer and love to wear vintage clothes. As you’ve probably seen on here I have bought a few lovely vintage pieces recently! I feel like they give me my own personal sense of style and I love knowing that no one else has these particular pieces of clothing. Because fashion is important to me and it’s what im studying at university and the fact I hope to make it my career I do notice what other people wear. Some particular peoples styles are completely out there, and I appreciate that and admire that they feel so comfortable with their unique sense of style.
In relation to the article in vogue, the writer is somewhat annoyed with the fact that someone has been copying her, and I can see where she is coming from. Obviously it is annoying when someone imitates you, but I feel like you should also take it as a compliment. Someone appreciates what you do or what you wear so much that they want to do it or look like you too! It’s flattering. A quote from the article says that ‘it means that person has no creativity or imagination’. I don’t agree with this as that person has aspired and imagined themselves looking similar to someone else, using creativity to make it there own.
Take inspiration from others but use it to create something unique for you.